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Dedicated Circuit Services

Explore our diverse array of dedicated circuit services, engineered to accommodate all scales of electrical needs. Whether it's precise repairs, prompt replacements, or professional new installations, our team is equipped to handle every task with proficiency. With us, you're promised a comprehensive, safe, and efficient service that puts your requirements first.

A dedicated circuit is an electrical circuit that is set aside for a specific purpose, with its own circuit breaker in your electrical box. This means it's dedicated to a specific appliance or electrical load and isn't shared with any other device or appliance. A dedicated circuit is also used to connect sub-panels.

Dedicated Circuit Packages

We have packages for 15 amp / 120 volt to 100 amp / 240 volt dedicated circuits.

Package Pricing

Circuit Price
15 Amp 120 Volt $700
20 Amp 120 Volt $800
20 Amp 240 Volt $1,000
30 Amp 240 Volt $1,200
40 Amp 240 Volt $1,500
50-60 Amp 240 Volt $1,800
70 Amp 240 Volt $2,000
90 Amp 240 Volt $2,200
100 Amp 240 Volt $2,500

Package Includes

  • Dedicated line up to 100 feet from panel
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Outlet Box
  • Outlet
  • Miscellaneous Parts
  • All prerequisites to meet code requirements and pass inspection

Package Excludes

  • Wall or ceiling repair is not included
  • Conduit is not included
  • Specialty switches or outlets are not included
  • Light trim rings are not included
  • Permit and inspection costs are not included
  • Anything outside of this scope of work will be considered an extra task and will be billed separately