Moriset Construction and Electrical

Outlet & Switch Services

Delivered by our safety-conscious team of experts, we specialize in efficient repairs, prompt replacements, and dependable new installations of standard switches and outlets, all performed with the highest safety standards. Our commitment to affordability and swift turnaround ensures your electrical needs are met promptly, without compromising on quality or safety.

Standard Outlet and Switch Service Pricing

Pricing for standard outlet and switch services can be found in the table below.

Service Price
120V / 15A Outlet or Switch Replacement $25
120V / 20A Outlet or Switch Replacement $30
Outlet Installation from Existing Circuit $225

Service Includes

  • Basic Switch or Outlet
  • Faceplate
  • Labor
  • All prerequisites to meet code requirements and pass inspection

Service Excludes

  • Wall or ceiling repair is not included
  • Specialty switches or outlets are not included
  • Permit and inspection costs are not included
  • Anything outside of this scope of work will be considered an extra task and will be billed separately