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Wiring Services

Experience our spectrum of wiring services, designed with a keen focus on safety, reliability, and affordability. Whether it's meticulous repair work, reliable replacement, or seamless new installations, our expert team is committed to meeting your needs at any scale. Trust us for high-quality, cost-effective solutions that ensure your wiring systems are dependable and secure.

Standard Wiring / Rewiring Services

We offer affordable electrical wiring services for any size property.

Standard Wiring / Rewiring Service Pricing

Node pricing is used for all outlets, switches, fixtures and all locations that require to be wired/rewired.

Service Price
New Construction Wiring $125
Node Rewiring $200
Node Rewiring - Existing Conduit $150
Home Run Circuit Rewiring $100
Fan Installation / Reinstallation $75
Light Fixture Installation / Reinstallation $25
GFCI Outlet Installation / Reinstallation $25

These prices include all time and materials required, except for specialty dimmers and switches.

Service Includes

  • Electrical Wire Installation
  • Switch Box Installation
  • Switch Installation
  • Switch Faceplate Installation
  • Outlet Box Installation
  • Outlet Installation
  • Outlet Faceplate Installation
  • All prerequisites to meet code requirements and pass inspection

Service Excludes

  • Wall or ceiling repair is not included
  • Specialty switches or outlets are not included
  • Light trim rings are not included
  • Permit and inspection costs are not included
  • Anything outside of this scope of work will be considered an extra task and will be billed separately

Wiring / Rewiring Price Example

Below is a typical example of a residential rewiring project, illustrating the various costs involved.

Qty Service Price Ea Ext Price
16 Wired Nodes (without existing conduit) $200 $3,200
4 Home Run Circuits (from panel) $100 $400
3 GFCI Outlet Upgrades $25 $75
10 Light Fixture Rewire $25 $250
1 Fan Fixture Rewire $75 $75
Total Wiring / Rewiring price: $4,000